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fca strayer

A For-Profit College Initiative That Just Might Work — The Atlantic

A new spin on for-profit colleges? “Strayer University and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles have partnered to cover the costs of attendance...


Snyder vows to veto bill allowing concealed guns in Michigan schools: ‘It should be a local option’ — mLive

“Gov. Rick Snyder said Friday that he would veto controversial legislation that would allow concealed guns in Michigan schools and...


College Graduation Rate Shrinks, Study Finds — The Wall Street Journal

“Just 52.9% of students who began at two- and four-year institutions in fall 2009 had graduated within six years, according...

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SAM is now accepting appointments to the 2015-16 Board of Directors.
Appoint your school’s delegate now!

Voter Registration

SAM has made voter registration its number one priority for the 2015-16 school year. By April 30, 2016, it is our goal to have registered to vote at least one percent of all of the students attending public universities in the State of Michigan: We will register at least 3,000 students this year!

University Communication

The Executive Team intends to be in constant communication with the members of the organization going forward. We are excited to roll out a new executive role dedicated solely to handling such communication and organizing: the Secretary of Communications.


A new service the Student Association of Michigan plans to provide to our members is an at-a-glance news hub called EduNews.  We want to keep our members informed of the most up-to-date information and news concerning higher education, but in a way which is accessible to students: in short, 30-second summaries of the most important-to-education news.

Student Association of Michigan


The Student Association of Michigan is a statewide advocacy organization whose mission is to represent, serve, and protect the collective interests of students in higher education in Michigan. 

The vision of the Student Association of Michigan is a political climate in Michigan in which student and higher education issues are at the forefront of the political agenda, and an organization whose size, strength, credibility, and political capital have the ability to actively influence such an agenda.